Move day things to do

Move day things to do Move day

Arrange your move

If you are only moving a short distance and don’t have many possessions, you could move everything yourself, with a few friends to help and a rented van. However, if you have many belongings, or are not physically fit to carry everything it may be worth arranging for a removal firm to help you.

The day you leave

Ensure you have left the house clean, tidy and secure with all locks and windows locked up. Take dated photographs inside and out so you have photographic evidence of the condition you leave the property in.

Make sure you have carried out any repairs you’re responsible for (check your tenancy agreement if you’re not sure what these are) and put right any damage you may have caused.

Remove anything you’ve installed without gaining written permission (unless your landlord agrees you can leave them).

Make sure you leave your Landlord or Letting Agent with a forwarding address.

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