Neighbours in rental accommodation

Neighbours in rental accommodation Neighbours

We all know that living in halls is never the quietest place to live, with lots of students getting ready with pre-drinks before a big night on the town! This is great in halls, with lots of other students, but…

It’s different in Private Accommodation

Moving into private accommodation makes things a little different. You’ll become part of a community, with residents who have a wide range of different lifestyles. Many will have different tolerances to noise and disturbances, as well as views on partying to the early hours of the morning.

You may not be surrounded by student accommodation, so it’s important to remember your neighbours are unlikely to appreciate a racket every night, or have the luxury of lie-in after late night partying!

Move In Day

On the day you move in, once you’ve sorted all the other bits and pieces, you should pop round to your neighbours and introduce yourselves. Building bridges and establishing a friendly relationship from the off could well be beneficial.

In future you may need to ‘negotiate’ what is reasonably acceptable behaviour during your residence, so a face they recognise may help you out of a tight spot.

You might also find some useful information. If they are going holiday you could offer to watch the house and then party while they are off! You may even find they work shifts, and are out of the house when your nosiest activity takes place.

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