Tenancy agreements for student accommodation

Tenancy agreements for student accommodation Tenancy agreement

Before you move in to your student accommodation you’ll get the tenancy agreement. It’s vital you understand what it is and the contents. It’s a contract between you and your landlord, normally given in writing (you can have a verbal agreement, but with no proof of the terms or rent we would advise against it).

Types of tenancy agreement

Here we take you through the different types of agreement that are available.

Terms and content

An explanation of what the Tenancy Agreement will contain and the terms you’ll see.

Agency fees, Retainer fees

The orgnisations that set standards for agents and the fees thay can legitimately charge.


If you lack funds you’ll probably need a Guarantor to cover deposit and rent, so it’s all explained here.


All you need to know about rent, what it covers, increases, retainer fees and how it should be paid.


A high level explanation of what the Inventory will contain, the terms used and how important it is!


What the deposit covers, how it’s set and making sure your deposit is protected.

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