Bath Spa University

Bath Spa University

Bath Spa University

Best Locations for Student Accommodation:

  • Oldfield Park
  • City Centre
  • Newbridge
  • Lower Weston
  • Walcot Street
  • Bear Flat

Transport links around Bath are excellent. There are regular buses that run from the university into the city centre or you could take a 30-minute stroll and walk into Bath.

Parking and Permit Information:

Parking Permits tend to be needed for those that choose to live relatively close to the centre of town for example in Walcot Street but make sure you check as permits are also needed in areas such as Lower Weston depending on the distance from the city centre you are. However, in areas such as Oldfield Park most houses have parking outside in a public street.

Living in Bath:

The Roman City of Bath is renowned for its beauty, with stunning architecture including the Royal Crescent and Pultney Bridge. Although, it is quite a small Heritage City it has endless opportunities around the city including the Thermae Bath Spa, shopping, museums and galleries, bath racecourse and of course a number of bars and clubs located all around the city for nights out.

Bath Spa University has approximately 20 active sports team, which are diverse and therefore will cater to your needs and tastes. 12 of the 20 teams compete in the British University and College Sport (BUCS). Furthermore, if you don’t particularly want to get involved with sports there a number of opportunities to get involved in clubs and societies that are run by the Students’ Union and volunteering.

Bath spa’s main campus at Newton Park is central to the student union, which is a great venue for nights out with their main focus being on Wednesday and Friday Nights. In conjunction with this Blue Rooms in the city centre have student nights on Monday’s and Thursdays and also a number of other clubs around bath including Moles and Second Bridge.

Although Bath is a relatively small town there is a number of excellent social venues in the heart of The City. Students tend to gravitate towards the same areas on the various students nights throughout the week. On Mondays Blue Rooms is a popular nightclub located at the top of the town on Walcot Street. Other popular nights in bath are cocoloco again at Bluerooms and Thirsty Thursdays in Po Na Na’s. There are also a range of other popular locations in bath including a range of bars from chains such as Slug and Lettuce and Revolutions to quiet intimate cocktail bars. Furthermore, other clubs in Bath include Second Bridge, Moles and The Weir Lounge.

The new development of the South Gate Centre at the bottom of the city centre has meant that Bath’s shopping has become more extensive with a range of new popular stores, for example All Saints. However, shopping in Bath is spread all across the city centre from Milsom Street to the South Gate Centre. Secondly, due to the history and culture of Bath you will find a number of boutique and independent stores located down all the cobbled side streets.

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