Swansea Metropolitan University

Swansea Metropolitan University

Swansea Metropolitan University

Best locations for Student Accommodation:

  • Mount Pleasant
  • North Hill
  • Mayhill
  • Brunswick
  • Dyfatty
  • Fffynone

Average Rent:

Average rent in Swansea tends to fluctuate between £370.00-£385.00 pp pm.


Public transport around Swansea and to other locations in the UK is easy and accessible. There are a variety of bus services and regular ferries to Ireland and Cardiff’s international Airport, situated only a short distance from Swansea.

Parking and Permit Information:

Parking permits are available from the Council and application is simple. There is a maximum of two permits allowed per household however you may be fortunate to have road parking with your rental property.

Living in Swansea:

Swansea is located closely to a range of beaches providing students with the variety of a City life combined with the option to explore greenery and sandy beaches.

Swansea is home to both the University of Swansea and the Metropolitan University therefore it is a very popular for students.

The range of pubs, clubs and restaurants in Swansea is extremely diverse therefore there is something to cater to all tastes. Some of the popular locations in Swansea include Wind Street, Castle Square and Kingsway. Wind Street has a range of well-liked bars and clubs including Yates and Walkabout but also a multi million pound casino and an entertainment complex. In contrast, another area popular in Swansea for socializing is Kingsway, which is more of a mix of clubs such as Time and Envy. You can also check out Castle Square if you would prefer a more alternative night out as there is the opportunity to experience an assortment of musical genres like hip hop or drum and bass. In combination with this there are occasionally one-off events such as break dancing that you can get involved in.

Most of the shops in Swansea are locatated in the city centre due to the recent construction of a new £30 million-retail complex which offers an exquisite range of shops. Secondly, the Quadrant Centre is a more unique shopping area with both high streets, designer and quirky boutique stores. Other suggested areas for shopping include Oxford Street and another shopping Centre called Fforestfach.

Swansea is an great shopping experience. Furthermore, Swansea is host to a number of cultured music and arts events throughout the year therefore students have the option to enjoy a number of varied events.

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