The Manchester College

The Manchester College

The Manchester College

Best Locations for student accommodation

  • Fallowfield
  • Withington
  • City Centre - depends on the experience you want

Average Rents

Fallowfield - £70.00-£85.00 per week
Withington - £60.00-£75.00 per week
City Centre- £75.00-£210.00 per week

Average agent fees

Not all agents charge an agency fee, but those that do are generally around £100 per tenant.


There is an excellent network of transport services for travel around the City and to the University.

Magic Buses: These buses tend to be more popular as they are cheaper and more regular. There are buses that run every 2 minutes from Didsbury via Withington and Fallowfield into the centre of Manchester via the University.

Alternatively, stagecoach buses run between 3-4 minutes and follow the same route as the magic buses but they then go to outer parts of Manchester like the airport.

Both Bus Services run all day and night and you can purchase an annual bus pass for around £270.00

There are two train stations in Manchester; Manchester Piccadilly and Manchester Oxford Road. The Manchester Piccadilly station tends to be for further train destinations where as the Manchester Oxford Road tends to be more for local destinations.

Living in the area

Manchester is one of the largest Cities in the UK and has a lot to offer to students. Home to two famous football teams and the facilities for the commonwealth games, Manchester is a sport’s driven Northern City.

Fallowfield is the most popular area in Manchester for students to live therefore this area is also popular for socialising and nightlife. The most popular bars here are Baa Baa, Revolution and Bar 43. Popular pubs in Fallowfield include the Friendship Inn, Orange Grove and Cheshire cat. Lastly, the Queen of Hearts is a bar/club in the evening and tends to be very popular with students on Fridays.

Students also tend to socialise in the city centre, which has endless clubs and bars!! The majority of students tend to gravitate to Printsworks, which is one of the main areas in the city where a variety of clubs are located including tiger tiger, pure and birdcage.

Secondly, Deansgate Locks is another popular night out with revolution and Sakura. Obviously, there are endless clubs in Manchester and it will depend on your taste but nights change throughout the year so there is always something new to experience.

Local Shops
There are endless streets and locations across Manchester to go to for visiting whether you want to buy something from Primark to Expensive designers! There are a number of high street stores located across Market Street and The Triangle. But if you want to visit unique boutiques or have a mooch around designer stores, the best locations in Manchester include Exchange Square and Kings Street. In the centre of town; the Arndale shopping centre is a large indoor shopping venue with plenty of shops.

Although, not forgetting the famous Trafford centre which has everything that you need in one location!

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