University of Reading

University of Reading

University of Reading

Best locations for Student Accommodation:

  • Earley
  • Erleigh Road
  • New Town
  • Northcourt
  • Whitley Street
  • Wokingham Road
  • London Road

Average Rent:

Average rent is in the region of £79 a week per room.


The location of Reading close to the south east of the country makes it a well connected city to a number of other prime cities across the UK. The Reading train station is situated quite close to the university and a taxi to the station from the campus is around £6.00. There is also a range of buses, which provide a cheaper alternative. Reading is situated on a line that trains travel through on route to London, as it is located only 30 minutes away. Travel around the city is relatively simple for students. The major locations that students live in are north east of the campus and are so close that most students will either cycle or walk to lectures.

Parking and permit Information:

There are residential parking permits available to those that require them. The majority of restricted zones are located near the centre of Reading and therefore if you comply with the regulations you can easily apply for a permit.

Living in Reading:

One of the greatest advantages of Reading’s nightlife for students is the variety that the city offers. There are great venues to enjoy every night of the week at a diverse number of clubs. One of the largest clubs in the city is the university’s Student Union, which holds around 2,500 people and combined with this and the excellent student events, it remains one of the popular choices for students. Furthermore, there are also a number of excellent social venues in the centre of Reading to enjoy throughout the week including:

  • Monday – Q Bar
  • Tuesday- Revolution
  • Thursday- Sakura
  • Friday-Dogma

These tend to be the most popular clubs on certain nights in the week. However, this will obviously depend on your taste and on events that are taking place in Reading and at the Union!

There are some outstanding shopping locations in Reading including the city centre and a number of shopping centres. The Oracle shopping centre is one of the most well known shopping locations in the South East and has an exceptional amount of stores including popular High Street stores as well as expensive upmarket shops with, of course, a number of food and drink outlets. Lastly, there is also the Broad Street Mall, which is similar to Oracle but smaller and does not have the same extensive range of shops and stores.

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