University of York

University of York

University of York

Best Locations for Student Accommodation:

  • Heslington Road
  • Thief Lane
  • Newland Park Drive
  • Lawrence Street
  • Hull Road
  • Fulford Area
  • Tang Hall
  • Osbaldwick

Average Rent

The average rent for a room in York is £67 per week.


Transport to the University by bus tends to be on the Unibus Number 44, which provides transport links between the two campuses, the city centre and various other popular areas.

There is a range of excellent transport links to popular UK locations by the means of trains and buses. York is situated only two hours from London by train and with a number of excellent direct rail services, travelling from York to a variety of popular cities is easy and convenient.

Parking and Permit Information:

The city of York council has a parking scheme implemented, which enables residents to have priority to residents and local businesses in the area. For tenants in houses of multiple occupancy (HMO) it is possible to apply for a permit that will allow you to park in the community and guest bays only. The price and length of the permit is determined by the zone in which you live in. Therefore, you will need to enquire before moving to ensure that you can cover all applicable costs.

Living in York:

York is a historic City with beautiful surroundings of Yorkshire and overwhelming architecture. The location of the Yorkshire Dales is situated within a close distance so there is always and opportunity to escape from the city. The city offers something for everyone and with such a variety of clubs, galleries and museums there is always something unique for you to explore.

Nightlife in York for students tends to be quite prescribed due to the size of York.

There are a number of bars and clubs located around York for Students to enjoy but the YUSU (University of York Student Union) also holds a number of events throughout the year for students and some highlights including York Strictly Come Dancing. If you decide to venture out into the city centre with your fellow students the university has a free night bus, which allows students to get back safely.

Some popular and well-known bars and clubs in York include Revolution, Mansion, Duchess, Vodka Revs, The Gallery, Stereo, Club Salvation and Tokyo York.

Shopping among the medieval streets of York is an experience that is second to none compared with other cities in the UK due to the beauty of the city. Most shops within York are located in the city centre but there are a few locations on the outskirts including Clifton Moor and York Designer Outlet that are worth a visit.

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