Advice for parents helping with student accommodation

Advice for parents helping with student accommodation Parents

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Ok, so all the pressure of “what university can I go to with these grades?” is finally over, and your beloved has selected their university and been accepted! They may have only just settled into Halls with friends but are already looking at where to rent next year!

Great, now for the stress of where they live and who with in their 2nd and subsequent years!

Edward Elliott: advice on student accommodation

At Edward Elliott we try to help with the procedural stuff to keep the stress levels manageable. It’s primarily written by students for students, but there is no reason why you can’t have a peek! The areas of most concern for parents are listed below and, you’ll find it really easy to click around the site to see what’s what.

The main issues when letting or renting

There are a few things to think about as a parents if your son or daughter is going to rent student accommodation:

  1. Security: you’ll want to feel that your child is safe and secure. Have a look at our Security section.
  2. The deposit: if for example your son or daughter is sharing a four bedroom house, the deposit paid to the Landlord is usually substantial. It could be as much as £2,600.00, or four to six weeks rent in advance. Whatever the amount, make sure all conditions regarding return of your deposit are checked and correct. Have a look at the Deposit Protection section.
  3. Being a Guarantor: as very few students have independent means, you may well find yourself paying the rent and deposit, which means you will probably be asked to be a Guarantor. Find out all you need to know about being a Guarantor here.
  4. Key steps when moving in: it ‘s also worth having a look at Moving In which includes Insurance and TV License Information, just so you can be assured you’ll not be paying any hefty fines or for replacements too.

For information on Retainer fees, agency fees and other “hidden” costs an agent may charge you click here Agency fees

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We aim to provide the best advice about renting student accommodation, with up to date information about the University areas you could be living in. If you have a comment, let us know so we can keep the site up to date for everyone. Many thanks Ed x