after viewing your student accommodation

after viewing your student accommodation After the viewing

Once your property is found be quick as others will be after it too

If you visit a property that you really like and want to rent, depending on the location, the chances are many students will feel the same. So be quick, and give your decision to the letting agency or landlord promptly.

Confirm the financials

If you have not already done so, you should confirm the financial arrangements with the agent/landlord. Establish:

  • Who is responsible for paying each of the possible bills (e.g. sewage, electricity, gas, insurance and water).
  • Any other fees you may have to pay, including how much the deposit is.
  • When the property is available.

Your decision

If you’re happy then notify your letting agent or landlord that you would like to take the accommodation. In the majority of cases they will be happy with the offer and will accept it immediately. Nice and easy.

Sometimes there may be a number of groups who like the property, and so the landlord will ultimately make the decision on who gets it. We recommend you visit the letting agent or landlord, put some respectable clothes on to make a good impression (no trouser suits or ties, just neat and tidy). Remember, you’re up against other people so a little bit of effort can pay dividends!

Outline any accommodation concerns

Now is a good time to discuss any repairs or improvements you would like within the property, such as new locks or a touch up of paint on the walls. Don’t be too demanding or argumentative, as you want them to choose you. Make sure you start your relationship with your landlord positively, in case you have problems that you need to discuss and fix later.

Got it, now the tenancy agreement!

If you’re told you have the accommodation, don’t feel that you have to be rushed into signing the tenancy agreement straight away. Signing it finalises your tenancy, so don’t wait too long, but do make sure you have ALL read it thoroughly and understand it before signing it. See our section on tenancy agreements for further help.

For information on Retainer fees, agency fees and other “hidden” costs an agent may charge you click here Agency fees

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