Clearing out when you are moving home

Cleaning when you move out

Clean your accommodation!

If you really want your deposit back, there is no way out of it. You have to clean the place from top to bottom, and we’re not talking about a quick vacuum and a washing up session.

Your accommodation will need a serious scrub in every cupboard, tile, work surface and skirting board, along with clean walls, ceilings, appliances and that jungle of a garden you let get out of hand.. Here are things to think about in addition to the obvious:

  • Clean cupboards in the kitchen.
  • Removing your own furniture – you might think next years students would like it but your landlord may charge to remove it.
  • See if a commercial cleaning company can help!
  • Scrub and clean toilets, using that brush that has been sitting by your toilet all year!
  • Defrost the fridge/freezer – make sure you leave the door open.
  • Clean the oven (if you can’t face it, check out Oven Cleaning Companies in your area via – these should be about £60).
  • Weed the garden.
  • Remove old furniture - use a local rubbish clearance company to safely dispose of furniture that you no longer need.

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Planning the cleaning

Try to agree a date or two shortly before your tenancy ends when all your flat mates will be around to clean up. Normally, with exams having finished people tend to go home before the end of the tenancy, so by agreeing a day you can ensure you are all around to do it.

This may seem like a pain but it will be considerably more painful if someone ends up doing it alone, or you end up losing a huge chunk of deposit because no one could be bothered. If you have set up a shared bank account this could be used as an incentive measure to ensure an equal contribution from everyone.

The clean-up will always take longer than you think so if flat mates are threatening to not be around try to make them see the light

If no one can agree a clean up day, then make sure that those leaving early are assigned the worst jobs like cleaning out the cupboards in the kitchen, de-greasing the pots and pans, beating the rugs, wedding the garden, cleaning the windows etc.

Each person should be responsible for their bedroom, but make sure they do not leave until the rest of you are happy that it has been left in a fit state.

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