Edward Elliott checklist: Moving in checklist for rental accommodation

Edward Elliott checklist: Moving in checklist for rental accommodation Moving in checklist

So, Day One and you’ve read our advice pages and you’d love a handy little checklist to make sure you haven’t forgotten what you need to do.

You guessed it, we’ve got it covered. Just print off our handy checklist and you’re all set.

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Moving in Checklist:

  1. Make sure you have a copy of your signed tenancy agreement along with a receipt for any money you have already paid the landlord or letting agent.
  2. Obtain all the keys for doors, windows and garages. (If there are any).
  3. Locate the water stop taps and gas safety valves and make a note of where they are so you don’t forget.
  4. Have you asked your landlord or agent:
    • How the heating/hot water works
    • How the window/door locks work
    • Which day the rubbish is collected
    • For a copy of a valid GAS SAFE certificate
    • Where the smoke alarms are and if they have working batteries.
  5. Complete and sign inventory with either landlord or agent, having checked everything in the property.
  6. Take photos of the property and any existing damage within the interior or exterior of the property (make sure these are dated).
  7. Inform your landlord or agent of any repairs that need doing in writing.
  8. Take and record meter readings from the gas, electric, and water meters and contact the suppliers with them.
  9. Arrange contents insurance.
  10. Buy your TV licence.

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