University Halls

Safety & Security in our Halls

Edward Elliotts Property ensures that all halls have a high level of security. Continue reading to find out what security measures we have in place.

Security Staff

During any time of the day, including night time, you can contact security staff that is located in the halls reception. We have a team of security that patrol the site regularly to check for any suspicious behaviour. In an event of policy breach, you must follow the instructions of your security officer.

Click here to see safety & security advice of Richmond University.

Hall Security

We have serious security practices in place that must be abided by:

Hall doors are self-closing and should never be propped open. When bedrooms are unoccupied, all doors should be closed. This applies to all windows when the flat is empty. When answering the door, all students must be careful. Do not let strangers into the halls, however, if you are having difficulty, you can always contact security staff at reception.

Fire Drills

Fire safety is a huge part of living in any halls. We have emergency procedures around all halls, giving you the confidence to know what to do in the event of a fire. We conduct fire drills every term.

Access Cards

All halls have been installed with automatic sliding doors that only open with an I.D card or access card. Some halls are also fitted with a key hob.

All residents should be careful of people loitering around that you haven’t seen before. Burglars could be hanging around pretending to be students that have forgotten their access cards. If you see somebody suspicious, let a team member know as soon as possible.