Letting options for student accommodation

Letting options for student accommodation Letting options

The type of Let will be important when considering your student accommodation choices. There are a number of letting options available, so it is important that you understand what you are signing up to.

Self-Managing Landlords

This involves the landlord being in complete control of the tenancy. This can mean you avoid certain costs, such as an agency fee and the rent could even be cheaper in this situation.

Plus you will deal with the landlord directly, which makes it easier to get repairs done in the house.

Letting Only

This is where a letting agent advertises the property and finds the tenants for the property, decides on the rent, completes reference checks and moves the tenants in. It’s why an admin fee will be charged.

However, the landlord will decide what the deposit will cover and how much, plus it is the landlords legal responsibility to ensure the tenants understand the terms and conditions of the deposit. They also collect the rent.

The tenants will then receive a notification from the deposit protection scheme provider to prove that the deposit is protected. If you don’t receive this information it is important you raise it and get the information you need. See our Deposits section for more details.

Letting and Rent Collection

In this case the letting agent will find the tenants (as above) and they also collect the rent on behalf of the landlord. The landlord carries out other jobs, like repairs.

Full Management

The letting agent represents the landlord for everything. In this situation you may never speak to, or meet your landlord.

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