Moving home tips and advice

Moving in to your new student accommodation

Moving into your new student accommodation

There are a few key things to do before you raise the roof and get your house-warming party underway. Our advice covers what to do to ensure you’re set up and ready to go:

Key questions, the inventory and things to check on day 1 to ensure you’re safe and set up.

Moving in checklist

One handy place with all the things to do, ask and get sorted.

Things you should look out for are:

What you can expect?

When you first move into your student accommodation your room should have been painted to a high standard by a professional.

You will be living there for some time therefore, wanting it to look and feel like home is necessary.

However, if you find that the painting was not done correctly or doesn’t suit your preferences, visit this page to find the best house painters in Brisbane. A leading company, whether it’s commercial or strata & body corporate painting.

Another thing to expect from your new accommodation is that all the sockets and plugs work fine and no issues are found while using them.

This is important for your safety and for you to be able to manage with all the electrics in your accommodation.

Insurance and licenses/Paying rent and bills

Checking you have insurance for all your stuff, what to do and getting a TV Licence and post re-directed.

The best methods of payment, and what to do when you can’t pay or are having trouble paying.


Tips on a trip next door to make for a better relationship and keep everyone happy.