Moving in to your student accommodation

Checklist for Move-in Day

There are a few things to do before your party. Get these few things done on day one and they could pay dividends in the future.

Meeting your letting agent

Sometimes you’re just given the keys at the agent’s office, but your letting agent or landlord should be there to meet you and show you where everything is. Sign your tenancy agreement.

Take photos and notes

Take photos whilst the agent/landlord are on the premises so that the general condition is confirmed at the handover and any damage noted. Notes and pictures will be great evidence in any disputes over your deposit. If any damage is identified you should show the letting agent there and then.

What to ask about your accommodation

You may not see your landlord or agent very often, so it’s important to make the most of their time on your move in day - ask questions and discuss any concerns that you may have:

  • How the heating/hot water works.
  • How the window/doors work.
  • Which day the rubbish is collected.
  • Is there an inventory taken at the beginning of the tenancy
  • Have the carpets been cleaned? Do they need cleaning at the end of the tenancy?

Extra Features

Premium accommodation can include extra features like under floor heating and remote control opening roof lights. Make sure you ask the housing manager how to use these facilities.

Safety Questions

Here are the key safety questions to ask:

  • Ask for a copy of a valid GAS SAFE certificate from the official register.
  • Ask where trip switches, water and gas main valves are, as you may need to turn them off in an emergency.
  • Get the numbers for emergency plumbers, maintenance services and local electricians approved by your landlord.

Things to do

Meter Readings

When you’re shown where the meters take a recording with your landlord or agent on the day you move in - this ensures you can provide accurate readings to your suppliers when you sort out your bills at a later date.

Sign your Inventory

The inventory is very important. It’s a document that lists everything in the property belonging to the landlord and its condition.

Before you sign it you should check every item is present, note damages and condition, and ensure your Landlord sees these comments before you sign it and agrees with your comments. If no inventory is supplied it’s worth creating your own and sending to the Landlord.

Have we missed anything? Let us know!