organising and paying bills in student accommodation

organising and paying bills in student accommodation Paying bills

When it comes to renting student accommodation you need to consider how you are going to organise the payment of your bills.

Get Organised

To ensure all necessary bills are covered, divided fairly and paid by everyone we strongly advise setting up a house bank account. Get everyone to pay a reasonable and equal share of money into the account at the beginning of each term.

You can then be sure you have enough money put aside to pay your bills as they come. And, any remainder can be used for a good house social, or just shared equally at the end of each term.

Fixed bills

Bills such as the TV Licence and Council Tax usually come as one lump sum and can be paid off quickly (or monthly) as you arrive at University.

As students in most cases you do not have to pay council tax, but remember to let the council know your student status at the start of your tenancy. It’s also vital to remember that if one resident in your accommodation is not a student they are liable to pay council tax.

Utility Bills

You’ll need to find out who the service providers are for your bills. You may find letters from them already, or you can ask your landlord or letting agent. Alternatively you can shop around using comparison sites if you have a rough idea of what bills were previously.

  • Water rates
  • Gas rates
  • Electricity rates
  • Landline telephone rates
  • Rental charges for white goods
  • Entertainment charges:
  • TV licence
  • Satellite/Cable TV
  • Internet/Broadband
  • Telephone line charges

As part of your rent, the landlord can pay water bills, or they can be paid on a monthly basis dependant on usage. If you are at University in Scotland water rates are free as long as you register with the local council.

Payment of bills

You can usually pay bills in a variety of ways:

Direct debit

This is when the payment is automatically deducted from your bank on a specific day. It is important that your account has sufficient funds to allow for payment.

Credit card payments

Payment can be made by credit card if required.


Payment can be made at a variety of outlets including the post office.

Trouble with Bills

If you cannot pay your bills then the supplier will issue reminders. It is important that payment is made or legal action (including the cost of a summons fee) may be taken, and the supply could be terminated.

Please ensure that you check that the payments made are correct and that additional payments are not being taken.

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