Planning viewings for student accommodation

Planning viewings for student accommodation Planning viewings

Plan for the best location and student accommodation

Start looking for the best areas for student accommodation - our University Guides pages will help you understand which areas are best and which letting agents have properties there. Do as much research as you can, so you waste as little time as possible looking at inappropriate accommodation.

Think about criteria to judge your accommodation against and stick to these when looking at what areas to view in, like:

  • Short travel times to lectures.
  • Close to a launderette.
  • Close to pubs and entertainment.
  • Close to public transport.

Start looking your accommodation early so you get as much choice as possible

You’ll probably need to be quick. The best accommodation will go quickly so complete your planning early and start viewing. We are not saying rush into getting a property but you are better off starting the process early.

  • Organise a day with as many housemates as possible and don’t go alone, you may miss something, it’s safer and a second opinion will be worthwhile.
  • See a selection, but don’t over do it – 4 viewings provides a great comparison and allows enough time to view each one, get the detail you need and prevent you forgetting what you’ve seen.

Get taken seriously, make an appointment

Some people jump right in and visit accommodation having seen it advertised. We’ve tried it, and it doesn’t always work. Your unannounced visit could be majorly inconvenient.

It’s a clearer sign to the letting agent or landlord that you are serious if you arrange an appointment. With lots of competition for the best accommodation, make a good impression and use the opportunity to ask some questions.

Questions before you view

Use the opportunity when booking a viewing to ask a few key questions. The answers may save you a trip:

  • Is the agent or landlord fussy about the make-up of the group? In our experience some landlords only accept mixed sex groups or non-smokers.
  • When is the accommodation available, and does this fit with when you need to move in?
  • Will you be expected to pay rent over the summer even if you are not there? This is common, as many tenancies last for twelve months. Some landlords reduce the rent over the summer, so it’s worth checking.
  • If you have a pet, then will your landlord allow it to stay too? Landlords often charge more for a pet to stay, so you’ll need to build that into your budget.
  • If any of you are smokers, will the Landlord allow smoking in the accommodation?

If all the answers fit what you need then get viewing, and naturally we have everything you need to know on our Viewing page.

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