Oxford University

Oxford University

Oxford University

Best Locations for Student Accommodation:

  • Cowely
  • Headlington
  • St Clements
  • Divinity Road
  • Jericho


Travelling around Oxford is very easy and the compact city means that you can easily get around on foot or by public transport as there are regular local bus services around the city. As a student it can be difficult to run a car as Oxford is often congested and so travelling around is usually easier and more time effective by other means. Furthermore, the Oxford Tube and Oxford Express provide excellent transport links at affordable student prices! The two services travel to a number of locations across London for a return price of fifteen pounds.

Permit and Parking information:

The majority of locations in which students choose to live have free residential parking if you are able to find a space!! But, it is important that you check that a residential parking permit is not required. The residential parking permits are availble through an application form found at:

Living in Oxford:

There are a variety of excellent social venues across Oxford for students to enjoy. Most venues are centred around Bridge Street and Park End Street. As well as these, there are also other areas all situated in the city centre and in other areas such as Jericho and Cowley Road. Cowley has some great venues including The Regal, O2 Academy and a range of popular traditional pubs. The majority of nightclubs are located in the centre of Oxford, The Bridge being one of the most popular locations for all students in Oxford. Other clubs in Oxford include popular well known clubs which host a range of student nights including Lava Ignite, Kukui and Po Na Na.

Oxford is a city with outstanding beauty and tradition. The location of the shopping centres in Oxford are in the heart of the city. There are three main areas which host an array of stores and shops. The first is Market Street which has a range of the popular well known High Street stores coupled with coffee shops and restaurants. In combination with this there are two other centres. The Clarendon Center is mainly made up of clothes stores and lastly The West Gate Center has a variation of stores to experience. Furthermore, in the summer you can admire and relax in the beautiful college and University gardens.

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