University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh

Best Locations for Student Accommodation:

  • Marchmont
  • New Town
  • Princes Street
  • Bruntsfield
  • Near the Meadows
  • South Clerk Street
  • George Square in Old Town

Average Rent:

Average rent will entirely depend on the location where you live as they vary quite significantly. However, Marchmont is one of the most popular student areas and the average rent here is around £78.00.


The University provides a free shuttle bus but this is only for use for students who require travel between the University and the NHS Lothian areas.

There are various public transport services, which allow for ease of transport around Edinburgh. Students have the option of a range of bus services from all areas across Edinburgh or you the option of using the tram services.

Travel from Edinburgh to other cities throughout the City is excellent due to the great transport links. Edinburgh has its own airport, which allow for travel to both international and national areas. Furthermore, there are two train stations in Edinburgh. Firstly, one in the city centre and the second located west of the city centre called Haymarket train station

Parking and Permit Information:

Resident permits are available from the local council in Edinburgh however the cost at which you will have to pay is calculated on the zone that you require it for and the secondly on your vehicles CO2 emissions therefore it is important you complete research to ensure that you can feasibly pay for the cost of running a car in Edinburgh.

Living in Edinburgh:

One of the attractive qualities of the nightlife in Edinburgh is the diverse mix of social venues. For students there are a variety of things to do every night all catering to different tastes from intimate bars, classic pubs to nightclubs.

In new town the majority of areas are located in George Street. New Town has a host of intimate bars and is a sophisticated location in Edinburgh, which is known for its charm and expensive taste. Some of the popular venues include Candy, which is relatively new, Tigerlillies, Opal and Lulu’s. There are endless venues across Edinburgh alongside New Town, which have quirky and random places so it’s always a benefit to try out a variety of these places as they all offer a unique experience.

For those that enjoy a good night out in a club dancing the night away there an array of different clubs which all tend to provide for different music tastes. Lava ignite has two main rooms; one hosting cheese music and the main floor which plays contemporary and chart music. The Hive room is slightly similar in that it provides two different rooms but they offer a slight variety in genre with one playing chart songs and the other playing rock-esque music! However, if you want something completely different why not try CabVol and Bongo.

Lastly, for those that enjoy live music and gigs – Edinburgh provides a number of gigs and one of the most popular areas is HMV Picturehouse which has a number of indie nights which tend to be hosted on Fridays and Saturdays.

Edinburgh’s shopping experience is excellent and again provides a variety of shops and stores that provide a variety of exclusivity and choice for all tastes and styles! Princes Street tends to be more central to the location of high street stores. George Street is a unique location mixed with beautiful boutiques. If however you want to experience the expensive stores of Prada and Gucci; the location of the majority of these stores are right in the heart of Edinburgh. Edinburgh has endless locations of stores and quirky independent shops in some great areas just outside of the centre of Edinburgh including Stockbridge but more centrally the West End and the New Town.

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