University of Hull

University of Hull

University of Hull

Best Locations for Student Accommodation:


  • Beverley Road
  • Cottingham


  • Scarborough
  • South Cliff

Average Rent:


Areas near the city centre are around £340.00 pm
Areas outside the city centre are around £320.00 pm

Average rent is around £65.00 pp pm


Train services are more reliable in Hull than Scarborough with regular times and variety of services . In comparison Scarborough only has a limited selection of services with the majority stopping and offering a change facility for larger stations which join the main rail network.

Travel via buses is very popular for students at the University therefore it would be advisable to purchase a student discount card or the semester card can be purchased but this is primarily for those living in halls of residences who use the buses as means of transport to the campuses.

Parking and Permit Information:


Permits are available for residents who live in the city centre and surrounding areas, and as these areas get busy with shoppers it is best to buy a permit.


Permits are available in Scarborough. There are no limitations on number of permits that can be purchased per residence. See prices below.

First permit= £27.00
Second permit= £37.00
Third permit= £44.00
Subsequent permits= £44.00

Living in Hull:

The University of Hull has campuses in both Scarborough and Hull, but both are excellent locations with some stunning scenery in North Yorkshire. Furthermore, there are some areas of outstanding beauty nearby.

Hull is a popular city in northern England and has strong marine heritage. One of its most popular attractions is its aquarium called The Deep, which is situated in the city centre.

There are plenty of places in Hull for you to enjoy a shopping experience. Princes Quay Shopping Centre, Prospect Centre and Hepworth Arcade are the main shopping centres with a range of High Street stores in Princes Quay and more independent stores in the Arcade.

There are a number of bars and nightclubs in the city for students to enjoy and with the broad range of areas there are a variety of locations and venues for everyone. Beverley Road is a popular area for students at the Hull Campus as there are bars and pubs situated along the road and it also has the advantage of being close to the campus itself. The majority of clubs are located in the town centre. There is a range of popular clubs in Cleveland Street, Norfolk Street and Anne Street. These include Fez Club - a well-known chain club - and Spiders club, which caters more for an indie music taste. However, there are plenty of locations across the city that cater fo every individual taste. Furthermore, you can always enjoy the student nights run at the union in the excellent venue called the Asylum.

Living in Scarborough

Scarborough is a lively city, being both a popular tourist location in North Yorkshire as well as a typically busy city with a fantastic nightlife, shopping destinations, restaurants and bars.
Scarborough has two bays, the North Bay and South Bay, both of which are popular with tourists. There are various social venues and events that take place at both bays in the evenings. However, some of the more popular student chain bars are located in the centre of Scarborough, a number of which are in St Thomas Street. However, you will find the majority of venues are scattered across the city.

All shopping areas in Scarborough are situated very close to the university and are therefore extremely accessible. The town centre has a range of shops located in the High Street and there is also the Brunswick Centre.

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